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  • I have a website/mobile app/API/SharePoint idea, what next?

    At Acesoft, we keep everything simple and transparent. Once we get a basic idea from a customer about the requirement, our business analysts team will create and submit a BRD (Business Requirement Document) to prospective client. This document will contain requirements conveyed to us, Plus our expert knowledge making their idea even brighter. This document will make sure both parties are in same page in terms of requirements.

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    • Once the document is approved by prospective client after making necessary changes, we analyze the requirement in detail with our tech leads and will provide the quote. We will not be charging customers for our time spend on preparing BRD or preparing quotes or consultation time or anything of that sort.

    How Acesoft is different from others?

    At Acesoft, we ALWAYS make sure to deliver high quality services for very reasonable cost. We are different in so many ways; by making sure that the project is properly documented(BRD,FRD,TRD etc) , keeping client always in communication loop , involving client every step in development phase, by doing UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and we do not believe in hidden charges.

    Could you show us some work samples?

    Please check our portfolio, it does contain some work which we did in past 6 months.

    Free consultation, how does that work?

    You just let us know when and where to meet and we will come there to meet you, it is that simple!. We will try to visualize your brain child from the requirements provided, we give some ideas (ideas to maximize profit , ideas about best technology fits well for the requirement etc.).

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    • No, not done yet. Next business day our core team(Analysts , Architects, Developers) will meet and discuss how to make the project a successful one. These report will be provided to client free of cost.

  • Need maintenance support?

    We offer free maintenance* for the projects which we developed. We also offer (Website/ Mobile Apps / SharePoint) maintenance service at very affordable rates.

    Lowest quote guarantee

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