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How much it cost to develop a mobile app?
Million dollar question! Let us try to explain very briefly.
Last couple of years, the app market has grown exponentially, from thousands of app to hundreds and thousands of app. Billions of app downloaded from Android and iPhone over the years and daily with more smartphone users and tablet users coming abroad, the number of download is constantly increasing .

Selecting Platforms:

Common app platforms are Adroid, iOs, windows, BlackBerry etc. If you are planning to develop an app, this should be the first research point. Who is your app audience? How to make most out of your app? Which demographic exactly you are aiming? If you get platform right, consider your app ‘basement’ is secured. An expert app development architect can help you with giving various options and can give recommendation/ suggestions about selecting the right platform. Ask app development experts

Type of app:

With an expert mobile app development company on your side, the type of apps which you can make is endless. But some of the common types of apps are discussed below:

Basic mobile app.

Basic app, just as it’s name states. All the data shown on screen will be from embedded data / feed from social media or your business website. Think of it like opening screen has your business information and you click one and you now have a set of new lists to click on. This will be a good option for businesses who want a “simple” app that displays basic information, like email, feeds etc. Basic app starts at $749

Dynamic data / DB driven mobile app with web services .

Dynamic data driven app with web services etc is used to process dynamic information / data. This type of app talks to a web service where your data is present.Ex. If you have a company where you want business CRM to be accessed through an app and to retrieve /update / add from smartphone, your app will be talking to web services through the data is served. If your app is chat service / image / video sharing app, you need web services and database hosted somewhere for app to connect to. These type of app requires hosting services as app constantly talks to another server / service to cater your needs.

Games app.

As name itself states, Game apps are developed aiming the lucrative mobile app game sector. Experienced app development companies use new 3D technologies to make the game app development more realistic and addictive.

Enhancement of the smartphone firmware app:

Let me provide you an example to understand this type better. There are many apps available to extend your phone battery life / use phone as torch by brightening display / task killer / enhanced email than stock app etc. It is basically enhancing the stock firmware features to work better.

Custom utilities and everything else

As mentioned above, types of app has unlimited possibilities. Any other type not mentioned above will fall under this category. Experienced mobile app development companies can always work with you to develop your dream project.

App development process [simple version]:

Once you have an idea about an app. find an experienced app development company. Talk to them that this is your idea and since they live and breath in app development world, they can offer you good suggestions. Make sure to sign an NDA [Non Disclosure Agreement] with app development company before you share your app idea. Usual process include :

Sharing idea by customer -> Analysts creating BRD based on requirements and provides quote -> If quote and BRD get approved -> Creating FRD by business analysts as advised by Architect -> Get FRD approved by client -> Coding starts -> Creating interim milestone build for customer to make sure development is progressing as envisioned -> client working closely with Project manager and analysts -> Deploying app to development server for an end to end client test along with QA -> Deploying app to production. If a company work everything under cover, you better spare them as client’s involvement is very crucial in app development as app is client’s brain child.

pricing overview: [ Rough estimates]
Simple app stated as above – $750 -3,500 – You will provide all the content, clear direction, and example apps of what you want it to do. The additional costs are when you want more features like Social media integration, GPS or bells and whistles like that.

Database App (native) – $3500 and above – Just as stated above under type section, dynamic data drive apps are expensive compared to simple apps. You just has to provide your idea and you project will be assigned with managers, Architects, business analysts, QA and other design team members.

Games – $2,000 and above – Very hard to estimate and it’s all based on complexity of your game requirement. Games get complicated quickly by adding even small requirement. Since games are download in much greater number, it clearly returns more ROI. Ask yourself: how much do I need to spend to make a “fun” game? That’s only something you can answer.

Since Acesoft is a premier app development company, we usually get many emails inquiring ‘how much app development cost’ and we tried to give a very brief answer here. Always remember, we offer free consultation and free estimates, please contact us for more information. Our dedicated mobile app development team can bring your dream app to come true.

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